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A message from the Pastor

My brothers and sisters in Christ,

I want to share what is on my heart concerning Holy Matrimony, which is vastly more holy and important than civil marriage. Reports say only about 45% of young Catholics are getting married in the Church. It is clear that Catholic parents and young adults do not understand the Sacrament of Matrimony and what makes it different from civil marriage, which is a temporary contract.

Un mensaje del Pastor

Hermanos en Cristo,

Quiero compartir lo que está en mi corazón sobre el Sacramento de Matrimonio, que es mucho más santo e importante que un matrimonio civil. Sólo 45% de los católicos jóvenes se casan en la Iglesia. Está claro que los padres católicos y jóvenes no entienden el Sacramento del Matrimonio y por qué es diferente del matrimonio civil, un contrato temporal.
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Safe Environment Program

Safe Environment ProgramThe Safe Environment Program assists the Archbishop in coordinating child abuse prevention efforts throughout the archdiocese. It supports parishes, schools and agencies of the Archdiocese of Seattle with all Safe Environment efforts, including background checks, Safe Environment training and development and implementation of related policies.

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