Divine Mercy Sunday (Fr. Simham)

by | Apr 23, 2022

All of us have a share in his heart both sinners and saints

Today is ‘Divine Mercy Sunday’. We celebrate the richness and dept of God’s love and mercy.When you go through the Bible or the history of salvation what is clear is that ‘God is a God of Mercy’. There is no doubt about it. From Genesis to Revelation we find ‘His mercy is proclaimed’.

When Adam sinned and went away from God it is his mercy that promised him Salvation.

When Cain killed his brother and was dreading the creation, it is his mercy that promised him protection. (Cf.Gen.4/15-16).

It was his mercy that listened to the wonderful prayer of Abraham for Sodom and Gomorrah and was ready to spare the whole city of sinners just for the sake of at least ten good people.

It is his mercy that saved the people of Israel from bondage in Egypt with all those miracles or plagues.

It is his mercy that divided the Red sea, fed them with Manna and gave water from the Rock. In spite of their grumbling and rebellion.

It was his mercy that forgave them when they worshiped the golden calf, crediting all what he has done for them to the calf that eats grass. Tremendous to know his love and mercy for them.

All the prophets who followed later spoke his love and mercy for them in Babylonian exile. Prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea,….. Every one spoke about his mercy.

And When Jesus came, He spoke of a God who is a Father-figure.

A Father who is ready to forgive the Son who swindled his and wasted it in a life of debauchery. Embracing him and celebrating his return. What can we say of such mercy.

A shepherd who is ready to leave the ninety nine for the sake of one and celebrating its return.

So Jesus showed a God who is merciful. He not only preached God of mercy, but he himself was a mercy incarnate.

Dining with sinners, befriending them, forgiving them, saying that he came for them.

And above all he preached mercy. Look at the sermon on the mount. Full of compassion, love and mercy. ‘Blessed are the merciful for they shall receive mercy’. And the only time when he speaks about the last Judgement ( Mt.25/33 ff) he confirmed that our judgement depends on our corporal acts of Mercy. That is the only “credit-card” or “debit-card” you can take with you when you die.

What else can I say. Bible is full of Mercy and it is a book of God’s mercy. And our God is a God of mercy. And I believe, if God were to punish every one then and there for our sins. What will be situation in the world. Imagine if god were to wither the hands of one who sins with hand and blind the eyes those who sin with their eyes and so on. It may sound funny. But imagine and see how many of us will be walking around with all our parts intact. I don’t know. But He is a God of Mercy. He is so merciful that he makes the Sun to shine both on the good and the bad as well and he makes the rain to fall on both the good and the bad.

Yes, God has a place for every one in his heart. Look at the picture of Divine Mercy.(You can also see it on my photo-space) There two types of rays that come out from his pierced heart. One is red and the other is white. They both usually signify the blood and water that flowed from his heart when it was pierced. But there is another significance to it. The red rays represent sinners and the white rays represent saints. In Isaiah we read “even if your sins are as red as crimson I will wash them and make them as white as snow or wool. White symbolising purity. So there is a place for every one in Jesus’ heart. Saints or sinners, all have a place in his heart.

So celebrate his love today and approach this font of mercy. Do not delay. Amen

Fr. Showreelu Simham