Christ the King (Fr. Simham)

by | Nov 20, 2021

Dear brothers and sisters, today we are celebrating the feast of Christ the king; king of the Universe. Is Christ really a King? Can we really call him king of the universe? How big was his army? How huge was his Palace? It seems King Chin Shehuanti, had huge palace that he never slept in a same room twice. How many wars did he fight?

No army, no palace, no war but still a king. How and why?

Napoleon once was asked by reporter, “Who do you think is the greatest King?” He answered; “some might say Julius Caesar, other might say Alexander the great, still other might say my name. But according to me, Christ is the greatest King. Because he never an army but won the whole world. Palaces build for him everywhere in the world. He won people not by war but by love. Never had a sword instead had cross. He is one and only king whose kingdom keeps growing for centuries.”

Let me give you two reasons why Christ is King;

1. Christ is King of the universe because, as Paul says, “in him were created all things in heaven and on earth, everything visible and everything invisible.” (Col 1:16)  “Through him all things were made; not one thing had its being but from Him.” (John1:3)
Since He created us and everything, He is master of us all. He has dominion over everyone and everything. Where is the ruler who can claim to have created the country over which he rules? Is there any earthly king who can tell his subjects: “Remember that it is I who brought you into life?

2. Christ is our King because he redeemed us all. He redeemed us at the cost of his blood. “God sent his son into the world not to condemn the world, but so that through him the world might be saved.” Jn 3:17

Jesus Christ is only one who can rightly claim to be king of the whole world and the universe. As today’s second reading reminds us that Christ is “Ruler o f the kings of the earth” and in chapter 19:16 form Revelation, “king of kings and Lord of lords.” He started his ministry by inviting us to be part of His Kingdom, ‘the kingdom of God is close at hand, repent and believe the Gospel.”

His kingdom is not like the kingdoms of this world;
       Where falsehood reigns and lives are destroyed
       Where sin abounds
       Where injustice and hatred bring in wars without number.

His kingdom is;
       A kingdom of truth and of life,
       A kingdom of holiness and grace,
       A kingdom of justice and of love and of peace.

Let us praise our kind, Jesus and be grateful to him for having brought us into his kingdom and for calling us to be members of his own royal family.

My friend still remembers the day on which he was awarded the first prize in the school. Yes indeed, a very special day, a day that is to be remembered. Every Sunday is memorable and wonderful day; wherein we come to listen to our King of kings and Lord of lord, talk to Him. Above all we are fed by His body and blood.

So Let us rejoice on this feast of Christ, our King. Let us recognize and accept Him as our Lord and God. Let us allow him to be the master of our lives and to be guided by him.

Fr. Showreelu Simham